Corporate communication

Identity and values for the benefit of perception.

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Corporate communication

A range of topics that is constantly being expanded to meet the expectations of increasingly discerning audiences.

In terms of corporate communication, the company’s leadership as such has lived on. Your market shares, stock market valuation or the release of results are all very interesting. But they only make sense if they are part of a structured and comprehensive approach. The company must offer more. A spectrum that allows audiences to understand. Understand the vision and mission. Understand and integrate values.


Performance is essential. Profitability is vital. Governance is strength. But today responsibility is equally important. Commitment and values are key subjects that must be worked on and mastered in order to give a reassuring and credible reading in the medium and long term.

Environmental policy, CSR, sponsorship, corporate foundations, ethics… All these subjects are not the exclusive domain of CAC40 companies. We are at your side to integrate all or part of it into the corporate strategy. All these topics will be of interest to both internal and external participants.

Parker+Parker offers corporate communication devices for companies and institutions. We develop communication strategies based on the quest for performance and achieve a project management unanimously recognized for its quality. We suggest to combine the relevance of the reflection with the effectiveness of the actions. As a communication consulting agency, we reach out directly to the manager, the executive director, the marketing manager or the communication director. Whatever your status: internal, civil company, institutional partners, investors, recruitment, we adapt our services to your needs to ensure that we provide you with the ideal solution. By providing personalised advice, we offer you a range of services that will enable you to give the best translation to your brand platform.

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