Public Relations

Journalists and influencers:
let's make them partners
over time.

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Public Relations

Getting the right messages across to the right people at key moments in the company's life.

Product launch, announcement of results, buyout, implementation, change of manager, presentation of a strategic plan… The opportunities or events that mark the existence of a company are numerous. These are all key moments during which it is important to be able to pass on the right messages to the right people, so that the media coverage of the company’s news is done in the most controlled way possible. A well-orchestrated public relations strategy will make it possible to positively influence the image and notoriety of your brand, to the benefit of its reputation and its perception by its audiences.

To build your success, we take a long-term approach. Allowing you to emerge, to arouse the curiosity of the press as well as influencers is important. But a relationship is built over time.

In the detail of the actions, find the right angle, arouse interest, ensure that your subject is not selected for an editorial conference… To do so, we reflect by combining relevance and originality.

But the success of your public relations strategy is measured first and foremost over time. Unlike popular belief, the most important thing is not to appear on the evening news. We want to be the partner that will allow your company to build, nourish a strong relationship with influencers (journalists, bloggers, leading players on social networks) in order to build an image and benefit from a relationship of trust that will become a considerable asset at key moments in the lifespan of your company (positive and negative moments). It is therefore essential that those who mediatize you know your company, its values, its policy, its reliability, its strategic line…

Parker+Parker, a press relations agency? Yes, but not only.

We develop events, we advise and elaborate a communication strategy in a logic of custom-made to make a lasting impression on minds and customers.

Our consultants work with the most appropriate audiences as part of press and influencer relations strategies: product launches, events in the company’s life…

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