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Comment fédérer vos publics autour d'un fait marquant ?

How to unite your audience around a key event?

You are launching a new range of products. Presenting a major innovation. It’s the company’s anniversary. You have just obtained a structuring contract. To merge with one of your competitors. Present your results…


There are many opportunities to create the event. Bringing participants together from inside or outside your company, bringing them together around a common action, is to allow your company to exist beyond its field of action and to influence the perception that the audience have of it. To unite around a significant event is to ensure that all those who support the company and gravitate within its scope to a common project are involved. An event, as we conceive it, will provide a unique experience. Make a lasting impression on people’s minds and thus influence the perception of the company and the brand.  We will enhance the image of the brand and/or the company.


An event is also an opportunity to bring an audience together in one place. This situation makes it possible to generate discussions, open minds, encourage dialogue or joint construction.


A successful event is also a connected event. You can expect real social benefits by broadcasting your event live on social networks. To generate traffic, influence the reputation and structure it. Notoriety, affinity and visibility. The actions to be carried out in the field of events can take various forms and do not all lead to an event. It can also address audiences of partners or collaborators (conventions).


By choosing PARKER+PARKER as your event agency, you also choose the partner who will be able to offer you a global approach: social and digital. For example, with an event site as part of an event following a well-defined strategy. We can support an offline event operation.


We also assist you in targeting customers or consumers who are of interest to your brand or company. Our strategy also takes into account press contacts, partners and employees of the company as an employer brand.

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A business in motion

How to develop brand awareness in order to distinguish it and make it attractive to customers?