A good idea, great effects

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A buzz? But are you ready to let the public take control of your campaign?

Create a buzz to launch your product, make your brand known, or create an event?  It occupies the minds of all marketing managers. This famous WOM (word of mouth), the free media that makes you dream, feeds fantasies and excites the ROI… At Parker+Parker, we have been fighting the marketing war and setting up buzz marketing operations since the very beginning. It is these brilliant moves that have made us noticed by renowned announcers that would not have been interested in us otherwise.

Set up an operation on the Parvis de la Défense and hit executives during lunch break?

Orchestrate the surprising presence of a french product at a festival in Berlin and create a real craze for an unknown product? Also done.

Get on the subway and make a unique experience out of it? That was us.

Dress all cars on the night of April 1st and see the faces of motorists in the morning? A great memory.


Promotional actions to capitalize on word of mouth, traditional or electronic, but also on targeted actions with opinion leaders (influencers, journalists, etc.), better able to relay information so that it has a greater impact: for all this, we are at your side.  An ad that everyone talks about except you, that’s a buzz.


A Buzz, or a hum, can have positive effects on the your brands identity, but it also involves risks to be measured. The concept of buzz is to organize an event, to provide content, physical elements that people or Internet users can appropriate, share… Encourage, but also criticize. It is up to us to measure the risks.


An effective buzz makes a lasting impression. It also creates a strong impact in your business sector; and conveys an innovative, modern identity. Those who talk about it best are those who are directly affected, i.e. the recipients of the offer or message. These people will spread the announcement to their relatives, friends and colleagues and thus gradually affecting several social circles. A phenomenon of recommendation settles in, and although you lose control, what an efficiency!


The buzz with social networks offers an economic advantage: its potential is increased tenfold because its broadcast is greater, its reach is increased; social networks facilitate transmission and sharing and, by implication, visibility. Succeeding in making a beautiful idea a viral phenomenon!


Buzz operations are based on a communication and marketing amplification strategy: together, let’s define the objective you are aiming for, let’s choose the right tone to communicate. It’s up to us to come up with the idea. To offer a creative and innovative system while remaining faithful to your identity.


And you, are you ready?

Ready to play the mystery, teaser, fake info card? Because the less information the public gets, the more they want to know. Let’s cultivate the secret and we’ll get the interest.

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