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Put technology at the service of ideas. And not the other way around.

Of course, we know how to develop an app, a showcase or an e-commerce website as well as an extranet. We produce code that is known for its excellent quality, reliability, stability and maintainability. But we are not the only ones. What makes us different is elsewhere….


Digital transformation: inventing your new business


Digital transformation: what does it mean ? Let’s take the example of taxis. We have all had these terrible experiences. A driver who refuses to pick you up because he would return empty. Whose car is dirty and smells of cigarettes. Which imposes the football game on you as you leave a romantic dinner. And whose fare will be a (bad) surprise at the finish. Then came Uber. You can instantly control a driver via an app with remarkable ergonomics. The price of the trip is known in advance. The car is clean.         And if the driver does the job well, you will choose your radio and enjoy a free drink… Certainly Uber did not always respect the labour code rules. But it offers a unique experience that has revolutionized the industry and made it successful. So just a thought so you don’t become a dinosaurs in your field. Rather than criticizing the newcomer who is revolutionizing the industry, we suggest to let us help to not become the cranky taxi in your domain.


What will be your new business?


You don’t know, and as of today, neither do we. However, we will invent it together. Perhaps your new business will simply be the implementation of a commercial, mobile, or social solution of your current offer. Maybe we will address another target, allowing a workforce development of your business. An international deployment is not unthinkable. To find out, we will deploy a methodology that includes usage analysis, a very broad benchmark, the search for inspiring solutions and the analysis of societal trends. We will work hard on the economic aspect in order to secure your investments.




A wonderful app, a website with a wow effect? You’re going to love it.

User Centric UX: explaining = finding a better solution for the consumer based on our know-how. Strategy: what is it for? Technology: what is it for?




Technologies: Open source CMS


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Embark on a world where everything is simple

How can the relationship process between customers and distributors be made more fluid in the era of digitalisation?


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