Content creation

The art of telling things

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Content creation

Feeding the conversation with your audience.

Before we talk about content production or “brand content”, let’s take a look at the company. Consumers are overwhelmed with information. Reject advertising. Present a growing lack of interest in brands. Don’t care about the stock market value of a company. On the other hand, they are more committed than ever to what they think is right, good, interesting and positively innovative. They are ready to share, interact, want to give their opinion. The company must be able to explain its state of mind, its way of working, the well-being of its employees or, for example, the way in which its products are developed. These are all ways to be appreciated and to build a strong relationship with your audience.


We are at your side to build an editorial and content strategy that will be in line with the company’s strategy and the brand platform. What is the long-term impression we want to generate? Which community to create or federate? What strategic vision should be pursued? What societal trend will ensure the success of our approach? Which social networks and distribution channels?

Producing content, then telling stories. True stories, which are a reflection of reality. Stories that can be brought to life “for real” to the public. Stories that become sagas. It is the message delivered that will attract the attention of the targeted audience. At Parker+Parker we match the best possible communication medium with the value conveyed by your message. To keep your brand, your products, your company in the public’s minds. We want to make your brand as attractive as possible, create affinity through content creation. The more the content attracts the attention of the target audience, the higher the quality of what you offer. Customers, partners, prospects, the press, the financial community… All of them want attractive and rewarding information and tools. The content you publish is a strength and a source of attractiveness. They can take many forms, each with its own qualities to ensure your ideal communication. Let us know what you want, we will choose the most suitable form to make you speak. And if you want to be present on different media, no problem: content creation can be done in a multitude of formats! Films, applications, event sites, community management on social networks… So many possibilities to enhance your value and make you part of your audiences’ mindset. Getting in shape, a key step in seduction.

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