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The world is changing. Consumers are changing. What about your brand?

You were thinking of redesigning your logo, doing a big advertising campaign, and paying an ambassador to promote your products. Thus make your brand an affinity icon. That’s not a good idea anymore.


Consumers are showing a growing lack of interest in brands. Is it inevitable? We think that this corresponds above all to a divorce between what many brands offer and what the public expects.


Informed, committed and affinity-seeking consumers.


Society has changed. Obviously, the Internet has given rise to new uses. New expectations. New standards.  But there is also the news. Food crises that have led to mistrust and generated new desires. Transparency, trust. Of naturalness.  Tired of rogue bosses who neglect their employees and then invest huge sums in communication to redeem themselves. Tired of brands that print free, pre-formatted and tasteless advertising. Consumers are weary. Disillusioned. They want something else.


A new paradigm


The power of the Internet, speed, transparency, virality… Today the corporate and the advertising campaign are immediately put in parallel. A simple google search will reveal what could have been hidden a few years ago. The rogue boss can no longer sell his products with advertising disconnected from the reality of his company. Consumers, perfectly informed but also mature, think and act. A brand that has not been able to evolve with its customers loses interest. And the most beautiful advertising campaign cannot do much about it.


Brands that still belong to the “old days”.


For a long time, the marketing and communication of brands was dictated by the housewife under 50, the upper socio-professional category. And most of the investments made in television advertising. Many of the brands that were very “installed” took time to be impacted. They overlooked these changes, continuing to work in silos. That time is over. The brand that interests the consumer is the one that speaks the same language as him. A human brand, whose values take precedence over means. A brand that understands that social networks are not an additional channel to broadcast ads but a platform to talk about itself even in narcissistic manner. The consumer wants to buy a product that he understands, a brand with which he shares something in common. The consumer is looking for transparency and dialogue.


Let’s reinvent your brand to better address the coming years


There is no need to improvise yourself as a CSR champion or environmental conservation activist. The digital revolution has generated a transparency that you will find difficult to avoid. Be yourself. Talk about your know-how. Explain what you bring to the world. Give your vision of the future. Explain, your origins, your founders, your history if there is one. Show how good it is to live in your company. Give your employees the opportunity to speak. Show your workshops, factories, laboratories. Make people want to be loved. Reputation, your reputation, is first and foremost a matter of DNA and will reflect your reality. Mission, vision, values: these are the foundations of your brand platform. Logotype, visual identity, graphic charter, gimmick… Are important and will be real elements of understanding if we give them meaning.


A new relationship between consumers and brands


The activation of a campaign is no longer necessarily linked to a large space purchase campaign. Think customer centric. What are the points of contact? Who are your customers? How do they live? How do they inform themselves? What are their hobbies? Their motto? Their expectations? Frustrations? When and where is it most appropriate to talk to them? It is by reasoning in this way that we will be able to generate real efficiency, and no longer the rejection of an outdated, intrusive and unrelatable brand.


Shall we talk about it?

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